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Below is a list of our cases and the media coverage that they have received. If you would like to support us in our efforts, you may do so here.



Tammy Weitzman


Tammy Weitzman, was a social worker formerly employed at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, now called the Fred Hutch Cancer Center. Ms. Weitzman was subjected to a hostile work environment, harassed because of her race, religion, and conservative political beliefs, subjected to antisemitic and racist attacks at work. The harassment began when some of her coworkers learned of her personal friendship with a ranking member of the Trump administration. When she reported these actions to her management, she was told to "just deal with it". She was subjected to antisemitic and racist behavior from coworkers who called her a “white kike” and a “white bitch”. In those instances, management not only refused to take any action against those improperly harassing her, but Tammy was the one who was punished by being forced to take a DEI training course to improve her “ethnic sensitivity”.


Then she was retaliated against for resisting pressure to use her position as a social worker to subject patients struggling with the effects of their cancer treatment to indoctrination into woke political belief systems. During mandatory DEI trainings she was told that, even though she was Jewish, because she could "pass" for white she could not truly understand what discrimination was. When Tammy objected to an article that advocated for her to confront her patients, coworkers, friends and family if they were not woke, while negatively portraying conservatives, whites, and Jews, she was instructed by management to engage the individual who ran the DEI trainings who had disseminated it to the group.


The response she received was an incendiary, abusive, and racist email. In it, the coworker told Tammy that “It is the essence of white privilege to be able to focus on a tree at the expense of seeing the forest. It is the essence of white fragility to claim victimhood when you are definitely not the victim. I'm disturbed that a white woman on a social work team at a major institution like SCCA would try to play these games, would claim the status of victimhood, in the face of a woman of color, after the years of the era of Trump.” Ms. Berry then explains she “will not privilege your [Ms. Weitzman’s] or any white person’s perspective or opinion. Both management and HR were copied on the email. Instead of reprimanding the coworker, they abruptly fired Tammy, despite Tammy having gotten assurance from HR that her discussing the email with her coworker would not cause retaliation and her history of positive annual reviews. Tammy reached out to Coalition for Liberty who engaged Washington attorney Robert Bouvatte to represent her, and a lawsuit has been filed in the case. If you would like to assist with the legal costs for this case specifically, you may do so here.


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Monroe, NC - East Franks Misappropriation of Image


East Frank Superette and Kitchen, a restaurant in Monroe, NC, hosts regular “drag queen” events, and has permitted children to attend them.  In June of 2023, a group of Monroe-area residents attended a meeting of the Monroe City Council to advocate for restricting the attendance of children at drag queen events.  After the meeting, the group posed for a picture, some of them holding signs expressing disapproval of "all ages" drag queen events and the sexual exploitation of children. East Frank Superette obtained the group picture from social media and digitally replaced the original signs in the picture with messages advertising an upcoming drag queen brunch at the restaurant.  East Frank Superette then posted the modified picture to its own Facebook and Instagram pages. East Frank Superette also used other pictures from social media of individuals who on other occasions had publicly protested access by children to drag queen events and did the same thing, modifying such pictures to advertise their drag queen events and/or lunch specials. Some of the individuals in the pictures demanded that East Frank Superette remove the manipulated image from social media. East Frank Superette responded dismissively and refused to take the pictures down. In some cases, they mocked the victims for complaining. Coalition for Liberty engaged attorney Jason Sneed to represent these individuals and a lawsuit has been filed in the case. If you would like to assist with the legal costs for this case specifically, you may do so here.


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Nicole Prussman


Nicole Prussman, an education and children’s advocate and Chapter Chair of “Moms for Liberty - Monroe County,” was falsely accused of harassing a leader of “Stop Moms for Liberty” on social media. On October 4, 2023, with the help of Coalition For Liberty, she was cleared of these charges. The next step will be to file lawsuits against the people and organizations involved in defaming, slandering, and libeling her. If you would like to assist with the legal costs for this case specifically, you may do so here.


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