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To accomplish our mission, we will need a significant and ongoing source of donations.


♦ We will seek support from individuals and organizations that support our mission. We have compiled a massive database of individuals who have supported causes allied with our mission.  We have also identified organizations and nonprofits that will support our cause with donations, as well as promote our messaging to their constituents.  Lastly, we will seek donations and support from private businesses whose owners support our goals.

♦ The many grassroots and established organizations we support will naturally be motivated to support us as well.  We will also work to build local organizations of like-minded people that collaborate together, while helping those individuals to meet each other and cross pollinate each other’s groups. 


♦ We will be able to provide financial and legal support, as is necessary, to individuals, companies, and organizations. We will engage a group of attorneys to work for the foundation. They will be the backbone for creating a nationwide network of attorneys that will help people in need. The national organization can hear and evaluate the situation, provide legal support, and find locally based attorneys to either represent, or act as co-counsel for people who have had their rights to free speech and expression harmed by schools, corporations, government and/or private groups/citizens.

♦ There are many terrific like-minded organizations with which we can partner and collaborate. To the extent that any group already has the structure or capabilities that would best suit a need, we are routing opportunities, money and support to those groups. To the extent that we are best able to help with any situation, we will encourage those groups to engage with us. Our goal is to act as a central coordinating group for the various organizations to help ensure that collaboration makes all of us more effective.

♦ Much can be done to create a package for other nonprofits that will help them with basic functions from incorporation, message development and creation, website and marketing material, communication and collaboration tools, and fundraising.

♦ Donor outreach plans have been developed that have a nationwide reach, using sophisticated tools and strategies. Our network of supporters, volunteers, grassroots and established organizations, as well as business owners, will help us get our message out, raise money and accomplish our mission.

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