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Coalition For Liberty is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (IRS Determination Letter received) whose central mission is to:

  • Promote the right of all Americans to exercise their freedom of speech, expression and thought.

  • Support the establishment of new classical model apolitical schools, while also supporting efforts to have existing schools move back to this tried-and-true model, which has been proven to obtain superior results for children.    

  • Support grassroots organizations that are advocating for:

    • freedom of speech

    • traditional American values

    • better educational opportunities for children by having schools focus on apolitical education using the classical model.

About our specific areas of focus:

Cancel culture is a cancer in our culture - we have to stop it before it kills us: 

There are those that have become intolerant of views that are different from their own and are labeling those views as hate speech.  They believe they have the right to suppress other’s viewpoints, using improper and inappropriate means to silence all opposition to what these people claim is the one truth – their viewpoint.  These political extremists are attempting to create a culture of fear to prevent others from exercising their constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech and expression. 

Coalition For Liberty is here to oppose these efforts.  This is not something that should be viewed as a partisan effort.  All Americans should stand up for the rights of individuals to have freedom of thought, speech, and expression.  America’s founding fathers had the belief that Americans should live in a society where people might disagree with one another - but would defend to the death their right to say what they believed. 


Those who act to silence other’s voices are using the means of fascist groups that intimidate and threaten others to get their way. They have demonstrated that they will become authoritarian, if they gain enough power. What we are fighting against is an ideology that uses improper and inappropriate means to try to achieve its ends, which threatens our free society. Anyone, from any political viewpoint, who is opposed to this un-American movement will be welcome in our group. We have support for this proposition from across the political spectrum, and we believe in a big tent approach.


We need to get back, as a country, to where we started and return to valuing civil and respectful discourse.  Suppressing other’s viewpoints is what totalitarian societies do, not America.  Those who attempt to silence others must be opposed and deterred from continuing to do so, otherwise our free society may be lost forever.  Currently there is no price being paid by those that are looking to silence other’s voices.  Deterrence works!  Bullies look for soft targets, not those that can fight back.  If your right to freedom of speech is being infringed upon by any group, organization, government agency or individual, reach out to us, and we will discuss how we can use our resources to help you go on both defense - and offense. 

Support for Grassroots Groups: 

There are many like-minded grassroots organizations that are springing up everywhere whose members are fighting for free speech, for the ability to participate in their children’s education, and against politicizing education. These grassroots groups have passionate and highly motivated members, but urgently need help that could magnify their effectiveness and expand their reach 100-fold. Money donated to help these types of groups will provide more value than money spent on political campaigns. which too often goes primarily towards TV advertising.


These groups need help with funding for employees, website and communications tools, general fundraising, security infrastructure (since they are being regularly attacked by our opponents), marketing and media assistance, and legal support when they are being targeted or smeared. We are creating a central organization that can cost effectively provide these types of support in a repeatable and efficient way. We will also act as a central coordinating organization for other groups, foundations, and nonprofits that share our mission, in whole or in part. Rather than duplicate the efforts of each group, we will look to learn about what they are doing and determine the group that may best suit a particular need - and then partner with them to achieve it. The goal will be to provide direct support to them where it makes sense to do so, get groups and their members engaged with each other where collaboration and support opportunities exist, and assist them with obtaining funding from third party sources that supplement what we can provide.

Support children’s education by establishing new apolitical classical model schools and converting existing schools to this model: 

Our support for the establishment of more apolitical classical model schools will be universal, extending to all schools, be they public, private or religious educational institutions. These organizations must get back to focusing on education, leaving politics out of the process.

By creating new schools with a classical model of education, with an emphasis on teaching children how to think, not what to think, we will provide an alternative to the current school system.

• There is a critical shortage of such schools, and parents are deterred from speaking out, because they do not have a place for their children to go. Much as with businesses that compete and thereby create ever better products and outcomes, more such schools will create pressure for reform within the existing system, while providing superior educational opportunities to children.

• The children will be taught the values of Judeo-Christian traditions, the importance of the work ethic, merit-based measurement and reward systems, and equality of opportunity, not mandated outcomes based on race, sex, or any other arbitrary and divisive system of measurement. Without those values, children may have some level of education, but be unable to succeed, or may go astray.


• Our colleges and universities have largely been overrun by administrators and educational staff that are intolerant of free speech and ideas that are different from their own. We need to engage in outreach programs that will allow us to have the students hear a competing vision of what is right and proper for our society and our country.  We will be backing organizations like Color Us United and its President, Kenny Xu, who wrote the powerful bestselling work “An Inconvenient Minority” that rebuts the model of practicing discrimination today to fight past historical discrimination. As a 24-year-old Asian with such a powerful story to tell, he is more likely to get young people to open their minds to how harmful this mindset is to America than an older adult would be able to accomplish. He has demonstrated his ability to make their arguments sound ridiculous in live debates. Coalition For Liberty will look to assist Color Us United by helping to sponsor debates on campuses. In addition, we will be creating intern programs for college students that support our initiatives. Based on the student’s feedback, we can work with organizations on campus that are likeminded to support their activities.

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